"Moho speeds up our animation process with high-quality results"

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This week our Moho Featured Artist is 396 Animation Studios and their series called "Akinci", Turkey's first superhero animation saga 🔥 All the characters of this incredible production were fully animated with Moho. ✨ 


Tell us about yourself

396 Animation Studio was established in 2018 with the aim of producing creative, high-quality, educational, and entertaining content. As the largest 2D animation studio in Turkey, we have gained a significant place in the industry with our talented team of 45 people. Since our inception, we have produced numerous commercials and animation series both locally and nationally. In this field, we have collaborated with prestigious institutions such as UNICEF, TRT, ATV, and Al Jazeera, delivering high-quality and impactful projects. As a team, we continuously develop ourselves and our projects by generating new ideas and concepts. For the past 7 months, we have also ventured into the field of game development, honing our skills in this area. We are currently working on a pixel art game with our game department, aiming to establish a strong position in the gaming world with this project. We continue our work with the vision of making a name for ourselves in the animation and gaming world.

Where do you get inspiration?

We draw our inspiration from various aspects of daily life, the beauty of nature, historical events, and the boundless imagination of children. By continuously generating new ideas and concepts, we develop ourselves and our projects.

What’s your hardware setup?

AMD Ryzen 7 2700X Eight-Core Processor 3.70 GHz, 32.0 GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060.

What do you like best about Moho?

What we love most about Moho is its versatility, flexibility, and simplicity. It offers a wide range of possibilities, from the simplest character animations to detailed scene setups. Additionally, Moho's rigging system facilitates our animators' work and saves time! With the capabilities provided by Moho, we achieve the highest quality results in every project.

How has Moho helped you in your creative process?

We have known and used Moho since its Anime Studio days, so for us, Moho is like a playground. It allows us to work quickly, practically, and seamlessly. With its user-friendly interface and advanced features, Moho speeds up our animation process and helps us achieve high quality results. Especially in the "Akıncı" series, thanks to the flexibility and tools provided by Moho, we were able to complete complex animations in a shorter time and with high quality.

Can you talk about the “Akinci" series and how it was made using Moho?

The Akıncı project was initially attempted as a live-action series. When the channel that owns the project wanted to turn it into an animated series, we stepped in. Akıncı holds a significant place as the first superhero animation series made in Turkey. For this project, we brought together many talented artists, both local and international. We are responsible for the visual production of the project; the script, voiceovers, and music are provided to us by another production company.

Producing the project in Moho allowed us to offer fast and effective solutions. Thanks to the flexibility and advanced features of Moho, we developed detailed rig systems. As you can see from our social media posts, we have a very detailed rig system. We conducted a one-month R&D study in our studio for the development of this system and then handed it over to our rig artist, Sama. Together with Sama, we prepared an effective and functional rig system specifically for this project.

Episodes (in Turkish) HERE

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