Moho Featured Artist: Animwood

Moho Featured Artist: Animwood

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How did you become an animator?

We started as a team of 2 and quickly became a group of passionate 12+ people focused on delivering the best work we can. Truth be told, delivering the best we can was the cornerstone of our studio from the very beginning. We really wanted to do great work and at some point of our professional careers we understood that we can do even better only as a team. Animation & art was with us always and the two of us (founding partners) started our paths from different directions inevitably gravitating towards each other.

Paweł started to work as a freelance animator quite early in his life. He managed to establish his own unique animation style working with one of the best animation studios in the country. At some point, Pawel started to feel the hunger to do more and was looking for someone to help get his vision come true. Me, the other founding partner, was working as a freelance illustrator & UI/UX designer for some years already. I always had an eye for animation and was looking for someone to help me turn my dream about running the animation studio into reality. I believe my analytical thinking skills and Pawel's passion for animation was enough to give ourselves a chance and start the business. Through honesty, hard work and hunger for new skills we successfully closed the third year of our operations and we can't wait to see what the future holds!

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Where do you get inspiration?

We use social media as our daily inspirations delivery tools and instagram, vimeo & behance are at the top of the list. Obviously we look very closely to what other studios are doing and we particularly love the work done by these guys:

We hope one day to be the same list with these studios with all the fantastic work they do!


What’s your hardware setup?


We use a mixture of Mac & Windows machines and stay open to people's preference. In the case of Mac's we use currently on sale maxed out iMac's configurations. On the Windows platform end, we use various configurations depending on the needs. For the sake of doing 2D/ 3D animation we use AMD Ryzen 9 with RTX 3070 which is good for the scale of animation work we currently face. All computers are hooked up with 2 4K Dell monitors to get a clear view of what you are working on. The illustration team uses the latest wacom cintiq tablets, iPads Pro and all the other gadgets you can imagine :). We invest as much as possible for the best tools to get the work as soon as we can!


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What do you like best about Moho?

We see MOHO as very intuitive and smart software. It is especially great because of its rigging system and smart bones.

We love MOHO for the way you can get your character rigged. It takes a few minutes to get your character rigged and ready for animation. In the other software available on the market today it takes a hell more time and rigging is far more complicated. MOHO was our true game changer, helping us deliver our videos so much faster than everybody else. We get questions from the clients "how can you do this so fast?" and the answer is simple: MOHO.

But there are more reasons for using MOHO! This software does need a lot of computing power and works extremely fast. Thanks to intuitive user interface and its simplicity you can teach people how to animate really fast which helps small studios like ours grow our business more effectively.

We believe there is a lot of potential in MOHO to become an even better animation tool and we can't wait to see updates from you guys!


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Would you like to promote a project made with Moho?


Amazon project was groundbreaking for us, because it was the first time when we used mixed media on that scale. In previous projects, we kept almost everything in 2 dimensions with small 3D & frame-by-frame additions. In Amazon’s video, we use various animation tools to create a full image of a video scenery.

The main point of using Moho in this project was to create smooth and gentle character animation. We saved us a ton of time, thanks to the simple process of creating rigs in Moho. In the end we mastered turns animation developing our own techniques making it super easy at the same time. In the animation process we focused of playing with emotions and doing character animation which blends into to the rest of the scenery.


Composing process was also incredibly important in this project, because we had to mix files from Moho, Blender, Adobe Animate and Adobe After Effects. By adding Moho animation to Blender we created a 2D feeling with more complex camera movements, that before was not possible for us. Moho was a true game-changer for us!


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Would you consider Moho an industry tool?



There is a lot of work to do on your end to make this tool even better but we love MOHO for its simplicity and genius behind the rigging system. MOHO is the best tool for all the character animation work we ever used and works perfectly for any explainer video you can imagine.

Keep up the great work!

Where can we follow your work?  

You can visit find us on our social media profiles such as Behance, Dribbble and Instagram. We try to keep our website up to date too!