Moho Featured Artist: Fluorfilms

Moho Featured Artist: Fluorfilms

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How did you become an animator?

Carlos Munita, Rodrigo Sauré and me (Benjamín López) founded Fluorfilms in 2007, but the idea of opening an animation studio came a couple of years before that, after we worked as animators in one of the first animated series fully produced in Chile called “Clarita”.

Our academical background isn’t related directly with animation, Rodrigo and Benjamin came from Fine Arts studies and Carlos did a previous career as graphic designer but we all had in common the interest for animation and motion graphics, industries that were starting to develop and grow in Chile back then.

Where do you get inspiration?

Vimeo, Behance and different social media provides a lot of material for inspiration and gives you the chance to see the work of smaller studios and very talented illustrators, but of course we also follow the work of some of the bigger animation studios, we love the work of these ones.

What’s your hardware setup?

We used to work on Macs, some old MacPros that accompanied us for a long time. But with the pandemic we had to go portable and we chose Windows (some Lenovo Legion laptops), a bit dubious at first but we are really, really happy with them.

What do you like best about Moho?

There are a lot of specific Moho tools we like, smart bones, warp meshes, etc. We haven’t yet tried the new features in any broadcasting project, but the vitruvian bones feature looks promising. But I would say the best thing Moho has is that it has a pretty fast learning curve so you can be rigging and animating.

What’s your favorite project made with Moho?

The CDF (Canal Del Fútbol / Football Channel) commercials celebrate the national football league, its origins and the identities of its teams. We animated all the characters in Moho because of its versatility and we did the final montage in After Effects. 

Would you consider Moho an industry tool?

Sure. And I think that one of the nice things Moho has to offer is the availability, in price and learning curve, that makes it an awesome software for smaller studios like ours as for bigger ones like, just name one, Cartoon Saloon, that have been using it in really huge productions.


Would you like to promote a recent project?

We Have Rights: When Documenting ICE is a project we're very proud because of the production and freedom to create the art of this animation. We Have Rights is an immigrant empowerment campaign launched by Brooklyn Defender Services in collaboration with the American Civil Liberties Union, comprised of four short animated videos in seven languages that offer practical advice on what to do when ICE is outside our doors, is inside our homes, stops us in the street, and arrests us. All videos are available at

We also like the project Tax Expenditures. This is a series of videos produced for Tax Policy Center explaining what are and what are the implications of Tax Expenditures in the United States. In both projects we used Moho for character animation.

Where can we follow your work? 

You can find us on Instagram, Vimeo, Facebook and our website