Moho Featured Artist: Kat Ninja by Johan Arzuza

Moho Featured Artist: Kat Ninja by Johan Arzuza

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This week our Moho Featured Artist is¬†Johan Arzuza and his project Kat Ninja! ūüĒ•¬† Johan¬†used¬†Moho as¬†his main 2D animation software ‚ú®¬†


Tell us about yourself 

I'm Johan Arzuza (ARTzuza), I am an artist making animation, character design and comics... All related to telling stories with drawings! I work making 2D and 3D animation and I also like to create action characters and dynamic animated scenes just for fun.


Where do you get inspiration?


I get inspiration from movies, Anime, comics and books. I like to read/see/hear stories, interviews and real stories about people making successful projects, and sometimes I get inspired by another artists making wonderful pictures... I get everything and then I write ideas in my phone or notebook, and also sometimes I have found inspiration in my own old notes but in most cases I get inspiration in songs, music is a beautiful resource for inspiration.


What’s your hardware setup?

I have a laptop gamer Lenovo Y700 and I have also a Desktop PC, Intel i7, 32GB ram, Nvidia Gtx 1060 Ti.


What do you like best about Moho?


Smart Bones are heaven! Years ago when I was animating in Flash I just thought: "If only there was a way to automate head turning, correcting bend limbs, and creating animation actions that I could then put anywhere on the timeline"... Later Moho Pro appeared to me and Boooom!! My head exploded and and then I started to learn every feature and tool of Moho. Now I love this program. It is the software that has given me the most revenue in my professional career. Moho is a very particular software, when you dominate smart bones and actions, you can do everything you can imagine.


How has Moho helped you in your creative process?


I have a 3D animation background, therefore I have experience in animation using rigs (3D), then when I start to learn Moho I found that everything I known about 3D animation I could to apply it in Moho for 2D, because the pipeline is very similar in rigging and in animation. Then Moho gave me the opportunity to create everything I want, using the same pipeline I learnt. Now I can make 2D and 3D in a very similar way (using rigs) because the rig system of Moho is so powerful and it lets me create everything I can imagine.


Can you tell us about the Kat Ninja project and how it was made with Moho?


Kat Ninja is an animated show that started like a personal project. It borned without a special intention, just from a character design exercise I did for fun, but at the end I liked the character result so much that I created a whole story for him, a comic and then I made a rig in Moho with a little animation test. During a short period of holidays, I animated some scenes to create this kind of teaser animation to show what Kat Ninja is about. I learnt a lot of things about Moho by doing this project. Currently I am making the Kat Ninja Comic for a WEBTOON series and soon I want to create a complete a full short film for Kat Ninja.



Would you consider Moho an industry tool?


Of course Moho is a very professional tool and I consider it should be a standard industry tool for the 2d Rig-based animation industry. I think that everyone should know and use it in their projects for an effective workflow.


Where can we find you?