Moho Featured Artist: Shi Yang

Moho Featured Artist: Shi Yang

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This week our Moho Featured Artist is the talented animator Shi Yang ! 🔥 A fanatical Chinese fan who calls himself Moho Savage ✨ 


Shi Yang, graduated from Harbin Light Industry College, is a senior 2D and 3D film and television animation director and animation technology R & D in China. He has served well-known companies in the industry at home and abroad, jointly creating cinemas and film and television animation, such as Neptuno Films, Cartoon Saloon, E-frontier, Smith Micro, Guanying Animation, Mingri Software, Lenovo, HP, etc. He has been involved in the fields of 2D and 3D concept design, screenwriting to art design, performance, technology realization, medium-term production and later stage. He is now in charge of directing the Sino US joint venture project of CCTV Animation.


Modest and free, Shi Yang has been "generating electricity for love". When he needs funds, he takes some business orders and devotes himself to technology research and development and creating his own Moho works in his spare time.



When did you start using Moho?


It seems like 1999. Since then, I have been exploring Moho animation.



Why do you like Moho so much?


The exploration of Moho has not been smooth for more than 20 years. Many times, if the bottleneck of technical ideas cannot be broken through for a long time, I will be very annoyed. At this time, I will want to give up research and exploration. But in a few days, I will pick up the progress and continue. At that time, many ideas will emerge in my mind, and practice has proved that only Moho can be perfectly realized - there is no need to learn complex three-dimensional technology or be driven crazy by a lot of boring work frame by frame. Moho has the advantages of 2D and 3D, and avoids their disadvantages.




What are your computer hardware settings?


CPU: Intel Core i9-9900k @ 3.60ghz eight core

Motherboard: Gigabyte Z390 UD (Z390 chipset)

Memory: 64 GB (pirate ship DDR4 3000MHz)

Hard disk: Samsung SSD 970 Evo plus 250GB (250GB / SSD)

Graphics card: NVIDIA geforce RTX 2080 (8 GB / Gigabyte)

Display: Philips phlc149 Phl 349x7 (34 inches)


How do you find inspiration and break through the bottleneck when creating your own works?


When I encounter a bottleneck, I will stop my creation and do something else, such as Taigu talent, running, visiting Jingshan Park, etc. I will come back and continue after a while. My inspiration is often interrupted and will suddenly come out. I like Moho modeling best.



How did Moho help you in the creative process?


I've been struggling with whether to create drafts on paper and achieve the final effect with Moho or create all parts with Moho. But Moho can really achieve all links, and its best thing is to easily bring me soft and delicate animation.




Introduce two impressive works. Why are they impressive? Is there any special significance?


The first one is the theater animation “the predictor Paul”, which is the first commercial animation directed by me. The script stuffed by the producer into me is very unreasonable and the construction period is very short. It is also my first cooperation with the Moho factory in North Korea. Due to these complex factors, a bad animation was born unexpectedly. I really like some of the animations and theme songs, but I will never work with the Moho factory in North Korea again.


The second is my original animation “earth lover”, which is my own animation. It combines Weilong matrix and the most advanced technical ideas I have learned from Moho. At present, several experimental clips have been released. Oh, it may take many years for it to come out, because I have to take orders occasionally in order to live, but [earth lover] will be a great work.






What do you think is the most important characteristic of a good work?


Of course, the most important characteristic of a good work is the authorship. It will clearly reflect the author's attitude and preferences. For the audience, it is most important to have the feeling of wow at first sight. Art style, action style, implementation technology, director's angle, lens language and music atmosphere are good in any aspect. We need to let the audience have this amazing impression.


In this field, how to improve their work efficiency and learning efficiency?


Moho modeling, do against the current! This is what I often say to the newcomers. There is no shortcut. After understanding the basic operation through the official manual, you can do a lot of models and animation to verify your production ideas, accumulate production experience and step by step.


Do you think Moho is a professional tool?


Of course, Moho is a professional animation tool, which has been confirmed by many excellent works of Cartoon saloon. After the software reaches the pass line for normal use, the user's ability determines the level of the final work. I remember that many years ago, someone said Moho is toy software in the frame by frame animation forum. The implication is that Moho is unprofessional and informal. From another perspective, is it more likely that he can't use Moho to make professional and formal animation because he doesn't understand Moho's technology and mechanism?


Please promote your work to us!


Oh, I'm currently preparing an animated film project “My adventure and I” which I also wrote and directed by myself. The script and meter have been completed and are running in the story board and character design. I look forward to attention and cooperation.


Where can we follow you?


I have channels on Youtube, FB and BiliBili.

Welcome to follow = 3