Moho Featured Artist: Spiro Bunster and Felipe Vargas

Moho Featured Artist: Spiro Bunster and Felipe Vargas

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This week our Moho Featured Artist is Spiro Bunster and Felipe Vargas, a freelance motion designer duo that are taking Moho to the next level in their projects 🔥  Moho is their 2D animation software when animating characters and much more! ✨ 


Tell us about yourself

Spiro: I’m Spiro Bunster, I studied animation and I’ve been working in the field for 9 years so far.
Felipe: I’m Felipe Vargas, I’m a motion designer and just like Spiro, I’ve also been working in the industry around the same time.

We met at work while I was a designer at, Spiro was already a freelancer and he frequently collaborated as a freelance artist with the team. Since the first moment, we got along well, so it was easier to work with Spiro. Working together as freelancers later on was quite smooth.

We both have a simple, intuitive and relax way to approach projects, we have similar tastes and we complement each other well. I feel really comfortable adapting illustrations for animation, and Spiro has a great instinct on how to set and rig a character, its movements, behaviors and acting.


Where do you get inspiration?

Spiro: Nothing really specific actually, it could be videoclip scenes, music and its lyrics, or traveling like a 15-minute walk or a trip to take you to the other side of the world. Anything that can take you out of the computer or smartphone can help you to find inspiration, even a beer with friends or your work team can encourage you to find an insight or motivation. If not, at least will help you to clear your mind!

Felipe: You learn a lot when you’re quiet and open for ideas. Objects, music and overall the exterior world can demonstrate you that a lot of things can be shown, to be drawn and painting for me is to find and enhance these little discoveries. It’s those little details.


What’s your hardware setup?

Spiro: In my case, a Wacom tablet and my laptop is all I need.

Felipe: I feel the same way, as more portable as possible is the best! And of course the latest Adobe apps and Moho.



What do you like best about Moho?

It’s a bless for people who think in 2D, because it works as an 2D animation software but it has a lot of tricks and tools that combined can go way beyond to express exactly what we have in mind. The best feature is by far the Smart Bones, which allow us to deconstruct complex movements in a bunch of simple 2D controllers that we can combine as much as we want.

Moho is super friendly, easy to use and the most important… stable!
Shout out to the file recoveries! It has never disappointed and it has saved our lives a lot of times!


How has Moho helped you in your creative process?

From the illustration point, knowing how to rig what we’re drawing give us good limitations which help us to stay in the ground with what we’re doing. If we know more or less how the art we’re drawing will be rigged and animated, we’ll avoid making it feel fake on its acting or looking stiff.

Moho is flexible and we can decide how much we want to rig a character. This is a key point. Not everything needs a full rig. In fact, when we sit to plan what’s going to happen on each scene, we decide the character’s view and all of the possible challenges that will come ahead.


What’s your favorite project made with Moho?

Our favorite is always the latest one we’re working on! Due to NDA we can’t share about it, but we’re really thrilled.

We’re also very happy with our Ithaka animation. It’s a project we did for the Blockchain company Tezos and we’re proud as well with the work we did for the Commonwealth Science and Research Organization (CSIRO).


Would you consider Moho an industry tool?

Of course! It’s really easy to teach to new teams and Moho also complements amazingly well with the rest of the software we use.



Where can we find you?

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