Moho Featured Artist: Toni Huml

Moho Featured Artist: Toni Huml

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This week our Moho Featured Artist is Toni Huml and the video clip "Može li?" he created for the band Dubioza Kolektiv! 🔥  Toni is a motion graphics artist & animator who uses Moho as its main 2D animation software ✨ 


Tell us about you

My name is Toni Huml, I'm a self-taught motion graphics artist and animator, I've been working professionally in the field of animation since 2004.


Where do you get inspiration?

It really is based on the project and task at hand, finding creative solutions and solving problems that come about in production is one of the more satisfactory elements of the job. For music videos it starts with the song, trying to find a story that will visualize and supplement the music, and meld them together.



What’s your hardware setup?


Nothing too spectacular to brag about, it was a high-end PC 5 years ago with a solid amount of memory that is keeping it usable, a triple monitor setup for screen real-estate, it's been pushed to the limits as of late with standards more consistently moving to 4K. It might be time for an upgrade.


What do you like best about Moho?


That it's fast, intuitive, even for entry-levels, where just a few youtube tutorials can get you started, but also immensely capable.


How has Moho helped you in your creative process?


Whenever an animated-character based project comes that demands a fast turnaround (and which one isn't?), I know that I can rely on Moho to quickly create and rig a character with accurate lip-sync. I've been working on a project-to-project basis with Moho since version 5 I think, and each new project and the challenges presented helped me discover and master more features, which I would then use and fine-tune in future projects.


Can you talk about "Može li?” Videoclip for the band Dubioza Kolektiv and how it was made using Moho?


The project basically started as a rigging exercise in my free time. I've previously worked with Dubioza Kolektiv in collaboration with the comic book artist Filip Andronik on 2 more songs, and those were, due to production and time limitations, mostly done with simple and limited rigs and a lot of vector nodes keyframe animation. For the third music video I decided to try and make a universal character bone rig, and see how far I could push the animation further while keeping the same established style. I told the band about this, they came back to me with a demo of a new song that could work well for an animated video, and we were on our way again. For animation reference, I suggested that it would be helpful that the band members record themselves rocking out to the song, and they went above and beyond, as you can see in the full behind-the-scenes video.



The rigging process was a deep rabbit hole with plenty of trial and error, figuring out how to do the hands was pretty much a character within a character, but in the end all the pieces fit together into a rig with 360 degrees of movement and made the character animation process faster and a lot more versatile. Character variation rigs were relatively simple to set up once the base character rig was done. 


Would you consider Moho an industry tool?


Yes. It is great for studio productions, animated series where versatile character rigs are needed, but also for independent artists and small production teams.


Where can we find you?


Filip Andronik Instagram: