Moho Pro 13.5 New Features!

Moho Pro 13.5 New Features!

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Here are some of the major enhancements in Moho 13.5!

You can expect stability, workflow improvements, support for macOS Big Sur, architectural updates, export/import advancements, improved speed, etc. in the latest Moho 13.5 release. Moho 13.5 engineering and development were lead by Moho's original creator Mike Clifton, his engineering team, loyal beta testers and Moho's product manager Victor Paredes.

We have also had to deprecate some features that were developed for Moho 13 that were causing major issues. They include some of the bitmap frame-by-frame capabilities, bitmap drawing/brush tools, 3D support and actions window. We will revisit and review these features in future versions of Moho where it makes sense and fits with Lost Marble's vision of Moho!

Here are some of the major enhancements in Moho 13.5:

Vitruvian bones (New in Moho Pro 13.5)

Animating foreshortening and complex actions is easier than ever! Inspired by Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man drawing, Vitruvian Bones are a new and powerful way to rig your characters. The intuitive V-bones system allows you to alternate different drawings and sets of bones. For instance, you can have different sets of heads, each with its own controllers. Or the same limb in different perspectives. Vitruvian bones will allow you to group and animate them on the fly just by switching from one to the next. Apply them to any part of the body or even switch entirely different bodies!! This unique approach makes it easier to have rigged characters with the appeal of traditional animation.

Moho Vitruvian Bones


Quad meshes to animate exactly in the way you want!
(New in Moho Pro 13.5)

Meshes are now even more powerful and easier to use with the new Quads! Animate your artwork in true perspective by simply attaching a four points shape to it. Or create grids for your characters -combining triangles and quads- and make them move like 3D. Bringing your bitmap illustrations, pictures and vector drawings to life has never been easier! Quad meshes open an entire world of possibilities.

Moho Quad Mesh



Add life to your scenes with the new Wind dynamics!
(New in Moho Pro 13.5)

Wind is the newest addition to the powerful and easy to use Physics toolset Moho offers! Take absolute control over the strength, direction and turbulence of wind and make your scenes come alive in minutes. Give your backgrounds and characters new life with Wind Dynamics!

Moho Wind Dynamics