WEBINAR RECORDING – "Animating fantasy worlds with Moho" by Felipe Vargas & Spiro Bunster

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Watch this webinar recording we did with the talented freelance motion designer’s duo Felipe Vargas & Spiro Bunster. In this presentation Spiro and Felipe will describe how they approach Moho’s toolkit to plan most of their ideas without compromising their creative vision. From designing with final animation always on their mind, preparing modular pieces of rigs that can recombine into different scenes, and mixing different tools to save production time, this creative team will cover how to make most of the tools to populate fantastic worlds, using Moho software. Following their demonstration, there will be a Q&A session.


Watch the webinar recording here.

About the presenter

Spiro and Felipe are a freelance motion designer duo that collaborate frequently on 2d animation projects. They share a passion for vivid storytelling, expressive and naturalistic animation and a relaxed but thoughtfully planned way to approach animation. Felipe is represented in North America by Closer&Closer and in Europe by Outline Artists.

IG: @vargaslubbert
IG: @spiro_bunster