Animating Your Photoshop Character in Moho

The Animating Your Photoshop Character in Moho is professionally designed video course created in Moho by Chad Troftgruben.

In this course, Chad Troftgruben will teach you how to set up, rig and animate a bitmap character in Moho.

The course uses Photoshop, but you can use any illustration app (like Clip Studio Paint, Gimp, Rebelle, Procreate, etc) and export the .psd file from there.

You will learn to create a skeleton for your characters, use advanced tools like Smart Bones, Dynamics, Target Bones; Create a head turn using Smart Warp layers; Import and organize a background in 3D; Learn how to use the animation tools for both the character and camera and export your animation as a video.


Moho Pro 13.5 or higher recommended to access Pro features. Up to an additional 700 MB of Free Disk Space recommended.

Animating Your Photoshop Character in Moho Includes:

Over 2 hours of video content
000 - Course Introduction.mp4
001 - Quick Overview of UI.mp4
002 - Properly Setting Up PSD Character.mp4
003 - Setting Bones for Your Rig.mp4
004 - Refining Rig with Constraints and Physics.mp4
005 - Anchoring the Rig with Target Bones.mp4
006 - Understanding Smart Warp Meshes.mp4
007 - Understanding Smart Bones.mp4
008 - Creating a Simple Head Turn.mp4
009 - Setting Up A PSD Background.mp4
Videos continued...
010 - Different Uses for the Transform Layer Tool.mp4
011 - Creating Depth Using Moho's 3D Workspace.mp4
012 - The Importance of Dimensions and Framerate.mp4
013 - Understanding the Timeline and Motion Graph.mp4
014 - Animating a Jump.mp4
015 - Animating with the Camera Tools.mp4
016 - Modifying Switches and Coloring Layers.mp4
017 - Exporting Your Animation.mp4
Source files, Moho files, etc.