Cartoon Content Pack

The Cartoon Content Pack is professionally designed content created in Moho by Charles Kenway. The Cartoon Content Pack includes fully rigged characters and example scenes with bones to leverage Moho's unique animation capabilities including Smart Bones and Frame-by-Frame animation. The content pack also includes brushes that simulate realistic drawing and painting, scatter brushes, swatches, effects, props and styles.


Moho Debut 13.5 or higher, Moho Pro 13.5 or higher. Moho Pro 13.5 or higher recommended to access Pro features. Up to an additional 30 MB of Free Disk Space recommended.

Cartoon Content Pack Includes:

19 realistic brushes with multiple variations
1 Dirty Rats fully rigged and animated scene
1 Stick Fight fully rigged and animated scene
1 Pooter Mouse fully rigged and animated scene
1 lens flare effect
1 jellies and particulates prop
8 hair styles
24 ink styles
8 scatter brushes
2 swatches
2 template brushes