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Webinar recording: Making Bobo English series with Moho presented by Amblagar Studio

Thu, Jun 01, 23 - BY Mario Quinones

Watch this webinar recording we did with Amblagar Studio. In this webinar, Adrián, Nahuel, and Germán from Amblagar Studio will share the story of how the team approached the complex journey of producing the series "Bobo English" for the Chinese market...

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Webinar recording: Creating an appealing and loop able animation in Moho with Dave Cockburn

Fri, Oct 29, 21 - BY Mario Quinones

Watch this FREE 1-hour webinar with animator & director Dave Cockburn. In this presentation, Dave will cover the entire process of creating a short character-based looping animation, from initial idea through to export of versions for web and social media. Following the presentation, there will be a Q&A session...

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Webinar recording: Introdução ao rigging de personagens 2D em Moho com Mario Quiñones

Fri, Oct 15, 21 - BY Mario Quinones

Assista ao webinar GRATUITO de 1 hora com o designer e animador Mario Quiñones. Ele apresentará o seu processo de criação de rigging de personagens 2D básicos vetoriais e também de imagens raster/bitmap importadas do Photoshop...

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Webinar recording: Creating the animated short Betty in Moho with Will Anderson

Fri, Sep 17, 21 - BY Mario Quinones

Watch this FREE 1-hour webinar with animator & director Will Anderson aka Wanderson. In this presentation, Wanderson will be running through how to rig a character from scratch, the creation process of Betty and he will also show some Moho files behind the scenes...

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